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Welcome to the official webpage of acclaimed author/illustrator
Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton!


Author · Illustrator · International Speaker · Writing Instructor
Manuscript Critique Service · Craft Designer

Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton’s first published work was a note passed to a boy in third grade. You would have thought this most embarrassing moment would have ended her writing career. But instead, Laurie has gone on to write forty books and is the author/illustrator of two more.

Laurie has been published in the trade, educational, craft, and Christian markets. WHY COWBOYS SLEEP WITH THEIR BOOTS ON is her best-selling picture book. It won the Premier Print Award given by Eastman Kodak and has sold over 45,000 copies since publication.

Laurie wrote and illustrated GOD BE IN MY HEART in 1999, and RED, WHITE, AND BLUE in 2002. The Huebner Museum of Children’s Picture Book Art, housed  in the Toledo Public Library, honored Laurie by purchasing and exhibiting a piece of art from RED, WHITE, AND BLUE. Martha Stewart’s Radio Station highlighted RED WHITE AND BLUE, and The Children’s Book Council invited Laurie to write about America’s freedoms as related to the book for their premier online magazine.

The Children’s Book Committee of Bank Street College of Education selected A YOUNG MAN’S DANCE as among the best Children’s Books of the year in 2007.

Laurie Knowlton is an international speaker, addressing students, educators, and writers throughout the United States and Mexico. You can reach her at

A Sample of Laurie's Books!

Click here for a complete book list and summaries of each.

Be sure to also view some of Laurie's own illustrations!


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Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton
7449 Coon Club Road
Medina, OH 44212
Phone: 330-421-3139

Email: laurie@laurieknowlton.com
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